Rafi’s 51/50 Report: Bobbi Dylan talks to herself on ADT

Ever wonder what goes on in Bobbi Dylan’s head? 

Dear gorgeous,ice cream skinned slut Goddess Bobbi Dylan ,you should be seen EVERYWHERE on EVERY SITE!

Looking at you is an exercise in art therapy,your long dark cascade of hair would be the envy of every elven princess of tales past,your sparkling azure eyes would shame the crown jewels of every kingdom in every age of history heroic and not,your gloriously erotic body would satiate the lusts of a legion of starving grooms,your sexy come hither smile would threaten the vows of a billion priests, living and dead.Viewing your amazing erotic art has comforted wounded veterans,healed broken hearts,revived slumbering loins,and quite possibly may one day cure cancer,anchovies on pizza,obese cops,dumb voters,smegma,air pollution,cat allergies,racism,ageism,flat earthers,hairy rectums,beets,gluten intolerance,suicide,Fox News but never,ever global warming.

Slut Goddess Bobbi Dylan you are hotter than a million exploding stars and you deserve an endless Spring,Summer,Autumn,and Winter of eternal happiness for all the bad days you have chased away.You deserve to be skewered atop Mandingo on Jules Jordan,BLACKED,DarkX,Dogfart etc. Your magical flesh should be devoured by every porn prop on every site in the cosmos!

I have requested you multiple times Goddess Bobbi and will continue till you have been punctured like a pin cushion.Thank you Goddess.

Magical flesh? Her flesh is magical alright, but not in a good way if you SMELL what Rafis cooking.

  Only Bobbi Dylan would say this about Bobbi Dylan