Rafi Bomb: Don’t let racist porn people interfere with Alana Evans brunch

When news broke of an African American performer being called the N word most performers on twitter were outraged. 

All except Alana. Even though she claimed to be a part of a porn union and care about “black people” she didn’t have time to waste on this apparently trivial matter. As you can see, she had brunch plans. 

Now that brunch is over she will probably launch a union “investigation” Haha

Rafi readers tweet: Did Alana Evans give alcohol to a minor?

One Rafi fan tweeted this a few days ago

I seem to recall reading on another porn blog about this as well as rape allegations. 

This article talks about her providing alcohol to minors as well as the LAPD concluding no rape took place 


The APAG VP Alana Evans is now outing hookers 

Alana, who allegedly used to escort, is so upset that Bella Rose had been destroying her on social media,  she is know telling people Bella is a hooker 

I thought porn and escorting sort of went hand in hand.  Seems that old Alana should choose her words more wisely. I guess if I was Alana and super hot chick was stealing my shine i might resort to name calling as well 

Once APAG is done with their fake investigation into the Shark bite PR stunt they can investigate Alana.  Does she even have a pulse?????

Wanna be gangster and future Depends spokesman Porn star India is running scared

When Alana Evans was getting thrashed online by Bella Rose fans, India, another sent out to pasture porn chick decided to jump in an defend her. 

Soon Rafi was brought into for unknown reasons 

India began attacking Bella’s looks, but like Alana, she’s as weak as they come.  Tweeting then deleting her attacks out of fear of the beat down Bella would give her. 

That’s just one of 3 she deleted.  

Menopausal APAG VP Alana Evans threatens young starlet Bella Rose @XXXBellaRose

Alan Evans, the same Alana who called for an investigation into a PR stunt, has spent most of the morning threatening super star Bella Rose.

What does drop rank mean?  Alana acts as if she has power. Maybe someone needs to launch an investigation into Alana’s threats.

Getting beat up at conventions runs in the Evans family. If i remember correctly several years ago her husband Chris got beat pretty bad. Guess we can add Coffee shops to the list.

Alana has a bad habit of bullying and attacking younger talent. Of course, most everyone is younger than Alana but it still doesn’t make it right.