Rafi Bomb: Dakota Skye opens up ‘Dakota’s baby sitting services’

If it looks like Rafi is picking on Dakota, he’s not. She offers up some much Rafi worthy materiel its hard NOT to post Dakota stuff everyday

Im sure there are a few porn girls who would actually take her up on this. You leave your infant with Dakota only to find out she left the baby in the bathroom at the local weed dispensary.

Dakota has gone though 9 fiances and 30 pets..Don’t add your new born to the list.


Rafi readers tweet: Did Alana Evans give alcohol to a minor?

One Rafi fan tweeted this a few days ago

I seem to recall reading on another porn blog about this as well as rape allegations. 

This article talks about her providing alcohol to minors as well as the LAPD concluding no rape took place 


Rafi Bomb: APAG wants to Investigate something? What the hell Is APAG?

From AVN

“The Adult Performers Actors Guild, the federally recognized union for performers in the adult industry, is announcing an investigation into the incident that occurred last week on a Camsoda.com set. While filming a dangerous publicity stunt on a boat with an adult performer, the actress was injured and had to receive medical treatment. The actress was filmed in a ‘shark cage’ underwater while using snorkeling gear, and was bitten by a shark during filming. Upon viewing the edited clip on various news outlets, it appears that numerous filming violations may have taken place, which prompted our investigation.

What the hell is an APAG? And who fucking cares if they “announce an investigation”? Does Alana “Can’t get work Evans” think anyone cares if she is investigating them? I checked out the list of people connected to APAG and talk about a list of medical alert spokespeople.

It looks as though APAG’s not smart enough to see a pretty good PR stunt unfold in front of them. APAG should be investigating how stupid they look right about now