Dakota Sky retires for the umpteenth time, makes bet with Rafi

While I was away, courtesy of my dickhead PO, I would often think about Dakota. My hope was she didn’t O.D before I was released, and much to my surprise she didn’t. Going thru her timeline I did notice several new boyfriends that didn’t work out.

Today, after coming back from retirement, She retired, again.

Never fear, Rafi is here,

I tweeted some very sweet things to her, she maintains she’s never coming back

We made a bet and it won’t be long before Rafi checks into the heartbreak hotel and goes ballsdeep in that pink little puss

Hell no I ain’t using a condom. I’m gonna fill her full of Rafi seed

Rafi Bomb: Dakota Skye opens up ‘Dakota’s baby sitting services’

If it looks like Rafi is picking on Dakota, he’s not. She offers up some much Rafi worthy materiel its hard NOT to post Dakota stuff everyday

Im sure there are a few porn girls who would actually take her up on this. You leave your infant with Dakota only to find out she left the baby in the bathroom at the local weed dispensary.

Dakota has gone though 9 fiances and 30 pets..Don’t add your new born to the list.