Rafi says WHAT THE FUCK?: Darcie Dolce is going to do her first boy girl with……. Marc Mojo

Sometimes my head starts to bleed from all the scratching. I’m not scratching due to an STD I picked up when rummaging for clothes at Goodwill. I scratch when I read stupid news item on porn blogs.

Several days ago I stumbled upon this fantastic news item on AVN.com, titled “Dolce, Mojo Discuss ‘Manipulative Massage’ and Beyond” the story is mostly Marc Mojo talking about how great he is, typical press release fashion. I didn’t scratch a 6×9 divot into my head until after I read this:

Among those things are Dolce’s promised expansion into boy/girl, with Mojo handling the boy honors. “September is the targeted date for me to be ready,” he projected. “She gets probably between 10 and 30 messages a day of people asking, ‘When are you going to do boy/girl?’ It’s definitely still happening.

So fans are asking for Dolce to do a boy girl and Mojo picks himself to be her first? This must be one of those jealousy things. We don’t want Dolce’s first B/G to be with some small dicked balding fat guy, no offense Marc. We wanna see her get pounded by Manuel, Xander Corvus, or Mandingo.

What does one have to do to “be ready” ? I’m gonna assume that Mojo has fucked Dolce before. And why in the world is gonna take Marc 4 months to be ready? Dick injections and Viagra are almost instant and penis pumps have yet to be approved by the FDA.

I’m gonna have to pass on that Marc Mojo/Darcie Dolce boring fuck fest.

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