Rafi Legal: Ashley Sinclair considers having one of her followers beat up a fan

Ashley and her suitcase Pimp own a payment platform called My Secret Payment 

Over the last year Ashley has seen her fair share of complaints about the way she does business. 

From late payments to late customs, it’s sort of looking like she may be robbing Peter to pay Paul

One person who used her service was Dakota. Allegedly they (Ashley) put Dakota on a plan where she won’t get paid until she delivers the content which in theory is a great idea.  The buyer on this is the one screwed as he or she will have to wait months before getting the scene 

This lead to complaints by not only Dakota, but fans they both messsed over 

One fan alleged to been fucked over by Ashley tweeted this

Here’s the tweet he’s referring to 

I think she means “persuade” him.  This is way over the line.  Maybe someone should alert the local law enforcement to not only her sketchy payment plans but her threats of violence to a disgruntled customer 

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