Jenna Foxx is ashamed of her African American heritage

This is one of those truly shocking Rafi posts, so shocking no one will believe it. Except the people that know Jenna.

Jenna has gone out of her to tell people she IS NOT black.

Once even refusing to shoot with a black guy

Rafi says WTF?

She looks at a minimum to be at least 1/2 black

Taking a glance at her agency website (ATMLA) it even became more confusing. Jenna does everything, creampies, ass to mouth, she will even lick a white mans asshole.  I say white man based on this,

According to the website, the only Interracial she will do is with a female.

Digging a little deeper, Rafi found her mom and sisters voter registrations,

Both the mom and sister are BLACK, non Hispanic voters.

Jenna however lists herself as Hispanic,

Its beginning to look like Jenna is ashamed of her African American heritage.

Very sad


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