Rafi Bomb: Don’t let racist porn people interfere with Alana Evans brunch

When news broke of an African American performer being called the N word most performers on twitter were outraged. 

All except Alana. Even though she claimed to be a part of a porn union and care about “black people” she didn’t have time to waste on this apparently trivial matter. As you can see, she had brunch plans. 

Now that brunch is over she will probably launch a union “investigation” Haha

Reader Email: Alana Evans reminds us for the millionth time she fucked a black guy #AlanaEvans

Dear Rafi,

How come every time something that has to do with black people is in the news Alana Evans has to remind everyone she has a black kid? She makes it sound like just because she fucked a few black dudes and accidentally got pregnant she’s supposed to understand what its like to be black?


A real black person who hasn’t fucked Alana

Thanks for your email Real Black Person. I have reached out to Mrs.  Evans and requested she investigate your claims. Please allow from 4-6 weeks for an answer as it’s the shuffle board season at her retirement community .


Alana Evans bullies  Performer Brandi Bae

Here we go again. Alana attacks another young performer for absolutely NO reason 

Up and coming Performer Brandi Bae had made a tweet talking about Bella Rose.  The tweet has been deleted but it wasn’t in support of Bella 

Alana, being old and dumb wasn’t able to get the gist of the basic tweet and like an elderly person at a Kiss concert she went mad.

Even after Shawna Leman’ told her they had mad a mistake. Alana, like most old people, couldn’t admit she made a mistake and refused to apologize to the younger more attractive performer 

When I read up on APAG I was under the impression they were in porn to help the younger girls. It looks as though Alana has her own agenda 

Alana Evans is investigating again

I stumbled upon this and couldn’t help but laugh 

Not sure about the back story there but as far as I can tell, Alana is no part of this exchange. But when you’re all hopped up on Ensure, sometimes you feel like investigating 

What the flying fuck? Who the fuck exactly does Alana think she is? 

I personally am on the edge of my seat awaiting Alana’s typed and double spaced investigative report 

Rafi readers tweet: Did Alana Evans give alcohol to a minor?

One Rafi fan tweeted this a few days ago

I seem to recall reading on another porn blog about this as well as rape allegations. 

This article talks about her providing alcohol to minors as well as the LAPD concluding no rape took place 


The APAG VP Alana Evans is now outing hookers 

Alana, who allegedly used to escort, is so upset that Bella Rose had been destroying her on social media,  she is know telling people Bella is a hooker 

I thought porn and escorting sort of went hand in hand.  Seems that old Alana should choose her words more wisely. I guess if I was Alana and super hot chick was stealing my shine i might resort to name calling as well 

Once APAG is done with their fake investigation into the Shark bite PR stunt they can investigate Alana.  Does she even have a pulse?????

Super Star Bella Rose holds her ground against washed up Alana Evans legal threats 

Last night aging senior citizen Alana Evans gave Bella till morning to remove a blog post where Bella alleged Alana threatened her 

We all saw the tweets Bella was referring and they looked like threats to me. 

A brand? haha.  This is what happens when you start believing your own tweets.  Alana is no brand.  She’s as generic as they come 

Now Bella, a hot, tight, blonde, that’s a brand. It’s easy to see why Alana is super duper jelly of her