Rafi Bomb: Don’t let racist porn people interfere with Alana Evans brunch

When news broke of an African American performer being called the N word most performers on twitter were outraged. 

All except Alana. Even though she claimed to be a part of a porn union and care about “black people” she didn’t have time to waste on this apparently trivial matter. As you can see, she had brunch plans. 

Now that brunch is over she will probably launch a union “investigation” Haha

Rafi Legal: Ashley Sinclair considers having one of her followers beat up a fan

Ashley and her suitcase Pimp own a payment platform called My Secret Payment 

Over the last year Ashley has seen her fair share of complaints about the way she does business. 

From late payments to late customs, it’s sort of looking like she may be robbing Peter to pay Paul

One person who used her service was Dakota. Allegedly they (Ashley) put Dakota on a plan where she won’t get paid until she delivers the content which in theory is a great idea.  The buyer on this is the one screwed as he or she will have to wait months before getting the scene 

This lead to complaints by not only Dakota, but fans they both messsed over 

One fan alleged to been fucked over by Ashley tweeted this

Here’s the tweet he’s referring to 

I think she means “persuade” him.  This is way over the line.  Maybe someone should alert the local law enforcement to not only her sketchy payment plans but her threats of violence to a disgruntled customer 

Reader Email: Alana Evans reminds us for the millionth time she fucked a black guy #AlanaEvans

Dear Rafi,

How come every time something that has to do with black people is in the news Alana Evans has to remind everyone she has a black kid? She makes it sound like just because she fucked a few black dudes and accidentally got pregnant she’s supposed to understand what its like to be black?


A real black person who hasn’t fucked Alana

Thanks for your email Real Black Person. I have reached out to Mrs.  Evans and requested she investigate your claims. Please allow from 4-6 weeks for an answer as it’s the shuffle board season at her retirement community .


Alana Evans bullies  Performer Brandi Bae

Here we go again. Alana attacks another young performer for absolutely NO reason 

Up and coming Performer Brandi Bae had made a tweet talking about Bella Rose.  The tweet has been deleted but it wasn’t in support of Bella 

Alana, being old and dumb wasn’t able to get the gist of the basic tweet and like an elderly person at a Kiss concert she went mad.

Even after Shawna Leman’ told her they had mad a mistake. Alana, like most old people, couldn’t admit she made a mistake and refused to apologize to the younger more attractive performer 

When I read up on APAG I was under the impression they were in porn to help the younger girls. It looks as though Alana has her own agenda 

Rafi’s 51/50 Report: Bobbi Dylan talks to herself on ADT

Ever wonder what goes on in Bobbi Dylan’s head? 

Dear gorgeous,ice cream skinned slut Goddess Bobbi Dylan ,you should be seen EVERYWHERE on EVERY SITE!

Looking at you is an exercise in art therapy,your long dark cascade of hair would be the envy of every elven princess of tales past,your sparkling azure eyes would shame the crown jewels of every kingdom in every age of history heroic and not,your gloriously erotic body would satiate the lusts of a legion of starving grooms,your sexy come hither smile would threaten the vows of a billion priests, living and dead.Viewing your amazing erotic art has comforted wounded veterans,healed broken hearts,revived slumbering loins,and quite possibly may one day cure cancer,anchovies on pizza,obese cops,dumb voters,smegma,air pollution,cat allergies,racism,ageism,flat earthers,hairy rectums,beets,gluten intolerance,suicide,Fox News but never,ever global warming.

Slut Goddess Bobbi Dylan you are hotter than a million exploding stars and you deserve an endless Spring,Summer,Autumn,and Winter of eternal happiness for all the bad days you have chased away.You deserve to be skewered atop Mandingo on Jules Jordan,BLACKED,DarkX,Dogfart etc. Your magical flesh should be devoured by every porn prop on every site in the cosmos!

I have requested you multiple times Goddess Bobbi and will continue till you have been punctured like a pin cushion.Thank you Goddess.

Magical flesh? Her flesh is magical alright, but not in a good way if you SMELL what Rafis cooking.

  Only Bobbi Dylan would say this about Bobbi Dylan

Alana Evans is investigating again

I stumbled upon this and couldn’t help but laugh 

Not sure about the back story there but as far as I can tell, Alana is no part of this exchange. But when you’re all hopped up on Ensure, sometimes you feel like investigating 

What the flying fuck? Who the fuck exactly does Alana think she is? 

I personally am on the edge of my seat awaiting Alana’s typed and double spaced investigative report