One thought on “Ancient artifact Alana Evans makes us all laugh 

  1. I’ve read so many of these “funny” stories of Alana’s that stopped being funny quite some time ago. Started out at SMH, then omg, then wtf and eventually “this woman needs LFFF.” Some (most actually) people in the adult industry are good for lulz in a harmless laugh at your peers (and yourself) type way. Only harmless thing AE could do in my book is just fn go away.

    LFFF- Lubban/Foster/Foxx Foundation started in 2010. It’s main branch based in Pornoland, U.S.A. and has 20 adult entertainer inductees. With “Do Not Procreate” “Shut Up Twit” and “Omg Kill Yourself” branches popping all over the internets.”

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